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Regulation of Grand Raid Ventoux© 2020


The registration and the participation in the race Grand Raid du Ventoux® imply express and unreserved acceptance of the present rules and the trailer charter, which is addressed to participants. They agree on honour, not to anticipate the start and to cover the full distance before crossing the finish line.



Dear runners,

- Please be aware that the nature you are going to across is fragile and sensible.

- Respect the fauna and flora: don’t throw the bottles or energy bars packaging and don’t scream unnecessarily.

- Follow the marking; it guides you in the right direction

- Respect the volunteers; the race would be impossible without their help. The organizations aren’t responsible for the personal belongings left on the provisioning stands.

- Respect all the terms and conditions.

- Come to help to competitors if they are in danger.

- The residents welcome you, be thankful: just a little smile and hello could be enough.

Dear followers :

- Stay in zone assigned for public

- Be aware that for some security reasons some locations are forbidden for public.

- To support the runners: the way you support the runner shouldn’t relate to their values.

- Smocking is forbidden in all the provisioning stands.

- Drive carefully and slowly on the road: the race is long and there are lots of runners on the road.

- Be aware of the distance and the specific nature of the race, be ready for that.

- You should be adapted to stay independent in mountains and to be able to manage the following: to deal alone with weather conditions which are quite difficult on the altitude (night, wind, cold, fog, rain and snow); to deal alone the physical and mind problems due to the tiredness ; digestive problems, muscular and joint pain, minor injuries ; to be aware that it’s not the organizations who will help the runners to deal with their problems, and the security of the runners depends on their capacity of adaption to the problems they faced.



Le Grand Raid du Ventoux® is a semi-independent race in nature on the technical paths, reserved for both woman and men, licensed or not, aged over 18 years old. It’s essential to have an excellent physical condition and good practice. The participants should be able to evaluate long distances during both day and night being semi self-sufficient.

The concept of being semi self-sufficient in the individual race is the rule. The Grand Raid du Ventoux® race is run in one single stage, at the runners' own pace within the required time limit of the cut-off time for each race specified regulations. The semi-independence will allow the runners to stay autonomous between two provisioning stands in terms of food, clothes and security, which allow adapting to any problems (bad weather, physical problems, injuries, etc.).



The Grand Raid du Ventoux® includes different kinds of race in the middle of nature, such as Big Hiking Tour path of Vaucluse, la Nesque, Ventoux and Dentelles de Montmirail mountains. Each race is run in one single stage at the runners' own pace within the required time limit.

The TNVD®: about 100 km for about 5200 meters of ascending elevation, departure from Venasque, semi-independence, 21:00 hours maximum 500 runners max. 5 points ITRA. (Update 12 Nov 2019)

The TNVD® : relay x4, about 100 km for about 5200 meters divided on 4 sections, departure from Vanesque, semi-independence, 50 teams maximum.

The TNVD® : relay x2, about 100 km for about 5200 meters divided on 2 sections, departure from Vanesque, semi-independence, 50 teams maximum. Relay 1 : 3 points ITRA / Relay 2 : 2 points ITRA. (Update 12 Nov 2019)


The maximum number of ​participants is indicative and can be increased or decreased if necessary.


To register go to the website :

- The registration will be validated if the case is complete (runner’s file, carbon questionnaire, payment). The bib-reserving is not possible if the registration is not complete.


The commitment fee for the Grand Raid du Ventoux® are following (excluding registration fee of KMS):

- TNVD®  100KM SOLO :

From 12/10/19 to 12/12/19 = 85€

From 12/12/19 to 12/03/20 = 90€

From 12/03/20 to 12/04/20 = 100€

- Relay x2 TNVD®   100KM per team :

From 12/10/19 to 12/12/19 = 95€

From 12/12/19 to 12/03/20 = 105€

From 12/03/20 to 12/04/20 = 115€


- Relay x4 TNVD®   100KM per team :

From 12/10/19 to 12/12/19 = 125€

From 12/12/19 to 12/03/20 = 140€

From 12/03/20 to 12/04/20 = 150€

The commitment fee includes all the services described in the previous settlement.

A shuttle bus service will provide the access to the departure from Venasque :

The organization provides the bus service for 6€/ person, that is limited to 240 places. The place should be reserved during the registration on (See the Schedule and the point of departure on


UPDATE : 17/12/2019

For relay, Thanks to organise yourself to go to "relay points" by your own way.



All the cases which weren’t complete and validated on the web-site before April, 12 2020 00:00 am will be cancelled and refund ( see the refund terms : CANCELLING SUBSCRIPTION, REFUND). The registration fee of KMS and management fees can’t be refund.

For the bib withdrawal the following papers should be present : ID card, the copy of medical certificate, license, (see Annex 2: certificates et licences accepted). It will be possible to withdraw someone’s bib, by presenting these papers.

The organiser will keep the medical certificate.

The bib withdrawal will take a place on April, 24, check the time on the web-site ;

The day of the race no bib withdrawal will be available.


 Le Grand Raid du Ventoux® takes a place in nature, for this reason some places are unavailable to install provisioning stands. That’s why the distance between the provisioning stands can’t be regular. For this reason, participating members of Grand Raid du Ventoux® should have adapted equipment (backpack for running), 2 litters of water minimum, enough solid feeding to regular consummation between provisioning stands during the whole race. The distance between two provisioning stands is about 8-15 km.


The runners must wear the official event jersey, that is provided while bib withdrawal. The size can be chosen during the registration.

The bracelet of the event

A personal bib should be complete and visible

Basic kit

A bag to keep all the necessary equipment during the road

Mobile phone (please add to your register the number of you Social Security, keep your phone on, don’t hide your phone number and charge your phone in advance)

A personal cup 15 cl minimum (tanks and bottles with caps are not accepted)

Water reserve is minimum 1 litre

A torch in a good order with batteries or backup battery for each torch (except DD and TVD)

Survival blanket


Nutrition reserve

A warm jacket in case of bad weather in mountains. It’s the runner who decides if the jacket is adapted to the weather, however a control of equipment will take a place before the race.

Cap or bandana or Buff®
ID carte (or a copy)

Heat wave kit (can be requested just before the race, according to the weather forecast)

2 liters of water minimum

Bad weather kit (can be requested just before the race, according to the weather forecast)

Second layer of clothing: a second layer of clothing with long sleeves (non-cotton) OR both long-sleeved clothing (first and second layer, non-cotton) and a wind-proof jacket with durable water-repellent protection



Trousers or run long tights OR both run long tights and sockets that cover the entire leg

Over trousers

To be authorized for the departure, each participant must have all the required equipment and present it at the entrance of SAS
For the security reasons, the organizer and the members of medical and field safety can take an action at any moment, in order to help the runners with technical, clothing, nutritional or equipment problems.



Assistance is authorized only in the official zones of provisioning stands, that are indicated on the follower’s road book
The heads of the mission will check the regulation respecting.


Water points can be implemented. The list will be transmitted to runners a week before the race.

The natural water points are not considered as the official zones of provisioning stands.


The use of sticks is authorized.

The runners are authorized to take, give, and take back their sticks to their assistance on the providing stands only.



The runner is authorized to manage his clothing with his/her assistance on providing stands only, which are indicated on the follower’s road book. However, in case of bad weather and according to the directives of the organizer, certain equipment can become obligatory for the security reasons.



The rules of the race are controlled by the head of the race, authority responsible for medical surveillance, road authorities, heads of mission, teams of openers, security assistants and a special replacing squad.

All of them are empowered to control the regulation respecting and to penalize immediately (*) according to the following chart:


Cut represent a significant shortcut – Race Jury will take a decision

Cut doesn’t represent a significant shortcut, but was taken out of the path or on the closed shortcut – 1-hour penalty

Absence of obligatory security equipment (1 litter of water, wind-proof jacket, torch, survival blanket, mobile phone) – immediate disqualification
Absence of other equipment (tight or trousers, cap or bandana, hat, warm gloves, warm clothing with long sleeves, over trousers, whistle, elastic adhesive bandage, food reserve, cup, etc.) – 1 hour penalty
Refusal of control – disqualification
Throwing trash (voluntary) by the runner or his/her team – 1 hour penalty

Lack of respect towards anybody (organizer or runners) – disqualification indefinitely
Not helping someone in danger – disqualification

Assistance out of authorized zones – 1-hour penalty

Support on the track out of tolerance zones near providing stands – 15 minutes penalty

Cheating (e.g. using transport, sharing the bib, etc.) – disqualification indefinitely
Visible defect of bib – 15 minutes penalty
Carrying bib in non-compliant way (but reset it after) – 15 minutes penalty
Proven dangerous attitude: (e.g. unprotected sticks pointing on runners or public) – 15 minutes penalty

Absence of timing chip – Race Jury will take a decision

Non-passing on checkpoint – Race Jury will take a decision
Refusal to obey to the instructions given by organizer/race officials/head of the race/doctor/rescuer – disqualification

Refusal to anti-doping checkpoint – The same penalty as for those who takes doping
Departure from the checkpoint beyond the deadline – disqualification

Unnamed bag – 1-hour penalty

(*) The 15 mins or 1 h penalty is applicable immediately. That means that the runner must stop the race during the penalty time; in case of claims after the race and if it is proven, hourly penalty or disqualification can be applicable by the jury.

Any other regulation disrespecting will be penalized by the Jury of the Race.


A medical staff including a doctor, a nurse and 2 ambulances with 3 rescuers will be present during the race. The doctor is empowered for bib withdrawal and put aside inapt runners; in case of refusal, the participant must sign a discharge.

Consequent TEAMSPORTS84 is released from any liability.


Leaving the race by him/her is prohibited. In case of abandon (except force majeure situations, evacuation by Service Public out of providing stand), it’s obligatory to inform the head of the closest providing stand and to leave him the bib and timing-chip. Leaving the race can be only on providing stands (except injuries). In case of abandon before the checkpoint, it’s urgent to get back to the previous checkpoint to inform its head. If the runner meats closers on his way back, it should be them who cancel the bib. The organizer is no more responsible for the participant.
FENCE TIME : 5km/h


The registration fee can be refund before December, 12 2019 00.00 (excluding KMS fee). After this date the refund is impossible (except medical reason).

You can change the name of the bib until April 1 2020. The name changeset is treated by KMS.

For some reasons (that don’t depend on participants) they can’t participate on Grand Raid Ventoux©. 

To cancel one’s subscription, the participant must send a motivated letter with a medical certificate to TEAMSPORTS84 to Belmonte Laurent on the following address: lotissement la Florantine 84330 le BARROUX. The letter should be sent before April 12 2020 via registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. The participant will get the refund, excluding KMS fee.

For all the letters sent after April 12 2020 the participants will get a voucher for the 2021 race.



The light bag :

TNVD®: 1 bag of 30 litters max is allowed. The bag should be packed with personal staff and closed; the name and bib number should be mentioned on it; it can be left in Venasque close to the start line in the special truck. The bag will be transported to Chalet Reynard. After the arrival in Gigondas, the bag can be picked up after 6:00 pm on Saturday in the party hall (Salle de Fêtes) in Gigondas. It is recommended not to leave valuable items; the organization declines all responsibility in case of theft.


The organizer provides liquid and solid provision all during the race. The providing stands supply beverages and food to consume on place. The organizer provides still water to full water pockets and cups. The runner must have enough food and water reserve between two providing stands. For more detailed information about nutrition providing, check out the "Nutrition providing" page on Only the runners with well-seen bib numbers and properly controlled can get an access to the providing stands. For the TNVD relay x 4, the access to providing stands is authorized only for the finishers of the section. The list of providing stands and their composition can be checked on the website or with the running guide.



Checkpoint can take a place on the arrival to the providing stands and certain rescue stations. Unannounced checkpoints are implanted in different places, not only on providing stands or rescue stations. Their location is not announced by the organizer.


For enhanced vision in dark, there are marks on the road made by reflected materials that begins from the summit of Ventoux, they catch the light of one’s headlight.

ATTENTION: if you don’t see them anymore, turn back!

For environmental reasons, the painting is not used on the path. It’s obligatory to follow the road marks without cutting them. In fact, by cutting the road one provokes the erosions, which are harmful to the site.



The departure is planned on April 25 2020 at 5 :00 am in Venasque.

The organizer of Grand Raid Ventoux© can change the trail and the schedule at any time.

The schedule allows to the participants to arrive at deadline maximum, counting all the breaks (rest, meals). To be able to follow the race, the participants must leave the checkpoint before the fixed deadline (regardless arriving time and checkpoint).

The departure deadlines (hourly detailed) from the main checkpoints are mentioned in the running guide and on the web-site Any disqualified runner wanting to continue his/her race may do it so after having returned his/her bib to the Organization, under his/her own responsibility and in complete autonomy.

The organization reserves the right to cancel the race in case if it puts the runners’ lives in danger or in case of force majeure, without any compensation.

The TNVD® RELAY X4 & X2 100 km

The choice of section for each team will be established on registration; you must register the team on, choose the section and note each runner’s name of the team. The departure time for the team and for solo runners is the same. The bib colour allows to distinguish solo-runners and their relay. The organizer provides the shuttle for the first runner, who will pay the cost the shuttle. There is no transport provided to join the relay. To move between relays the participants should use their own vehicle. The relay passing can be done only on the zones specified by the organization; the relayer must come along to officials of the relay zone with his/her ID card (or a copy). On the entrance of the relay the runner must clock out and leave his/her timing chip to the ralayer. In case if one or three (max) runners must abandon, the runners of their team can continue the section, they should start from the zone of relay, minimum two hours after the first runner passed. Time is registered, but the team is not classified.


Once you arrived, you will get a finisher gift. You can get a free drink, by presenting your bracelet and bib.

A meal will be organized in party hall (salle des fêtes) of GIGONDAS for SOLO runners only.



At arrival, it’s possible to take a shower. Shower can be taken by runners only.



Resting area is available in party hall of GIGONDAS.


The general rating « man/woman » is established for each race, as well as the rating « man » and « woman ».

  • See ANNEXE 3

  • The prize award ceremony will take place in party hall (la salle des fêtes de GIGONDAS) in GIGONDAS

  • TNVD® TNVD® relay x4: on 25/04 schedule will be available on

The runners must be present for the awarding. The trophy and packs are no more available before or after the ceremony.



All the claims should be in writing, lodged to PC Course in GIGONDAS, within a time period consistent with the event.



If the circumstances require, at any moment the organization reserve the rights to modify departure time, schedule, standing posts, rescue stands and all the other aspects, for the proper functioning of the event. In case of force majeure, weather conditions or any other occasions that could be dangerous for the participants, the organization reserves the rights to the following:

- To modify departure time, maximum few hours

- To modify schedule

- To cancel the event

- To neutralize the event

- To halt the race

In case of cancelation, done 15 days or more before the event, regardless the reason, the partial refund will take place. The amount of the refund will be fixed the way to allow to organizer to recover invested costs.

In case of cancelation done in less than 15 days, regardless the reason, the refund is impossible.



It includes:

-The President of Team Sports 84

- The head of the race

- The Representative of the runners

And other people, chosen by the President or the head for his/her skills.

The Jury is empowered to take any necessary action concerning any claims during the race.

The decisions of the committee are final and not subject to review or appeal.




The organizers will take-out third-party liability insurance for the duration of the event.
This liability insurance protects against the financial consequences to the Organizers and volunteers.

Personal accident

All the participants must take out personal insurance covering any search and rescue charges and transport costs in France. Any insurance can be placed for all the participants, including the insurance of the French Athletics Federation with the subscription of the Pass ‘Running or a license.



Competitors surrender to the organization the right to use all kinds of pictures taken during the race. All runners expressly renounce the right to benefit from their image as they renounce all recourse against the organizers and their official partners for the use of their image. Only the organization can transfer the pictures to certify and licenses media agencies. Any communication about the event or the use of images of the event must respect the event's name, the registered trademarks and have the official agreement of the organizers.


​ANNEX 1 :

The race organizer may modify the race rules if it’s necessary for its organisation, security and integrity



Medical certificates accepted :

  • A medical certificate under 1 year from competition date

  • a medical certificate to the effect that there is no contraindication to the practice of sport or competition

  • a medical certificate should be in French Language (or at least understandable for the organizer)  



  • Licence FFA (Athletics competition, Athletics enterprise, Athletics running) : YES

  • Licence FFTRI: NO

  • Licence FFCO: NO

  • Licence FFPM: NO

  • UFOLEP (Union française des œuvres laïques d'éducation physique) : YES. But only if it’s mentioned that there is no contraindication to the practice of athleticism or jogging in competition.

  • All the licences of approved federations : YES. But only if it’s mentioned that there is no contraindication to the practice of athleticism or jogging in competition.

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